Commercial Television Distribution Solutions

DISH Smartbox – Hospitality TV Distribution

The Smartbox has revolutionized TV distribution for the hospitality industry like no other product before. Out with the OLD outdated Head-End Systems that take up space and provide limited functionality. In with the NEW! What used to need an entire room is now housed within a box slightly bigger than a microwave – and it’s SMALLER than ANY product of its kind!

Smart Technology & Pure Genius

The single solution and best value for your entire property, whether Hotel, Motel, Senior Care, Hospital or University – The Smartbox is your solution.

Green Technology

The DISH Smartbox uses 90% less energy than a traditional Head-End. Save money & go green with your TV distribution system.

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  • Smart Innovation Deliver HD at the lowest cost per channel. All guests can now experience HD where they once had to be satisfied with watching SD analog.
  • Scalable Deliver video to multiple areas of your property from a single platform, using 90% less energy than a traditional Head-End.
  • Adaptable The first consolidated video platoform that has the ability to service any property. More than 40 possible system configurations using a single Smartbox.
  • Amazing Choices Up to 96 HD Channels distributed via QAM with Pro:Idiom encryption. The Chassis can be wall-mounted, or rack mounted depending on your needs!